"Rumors of medical facilities and orphan housing abound, but few have the access to learn much about the research being done."

Aetersyl is the eleventh available dungeon. It is located on Level 1 and is accessible at the start of Chapter 14: An Old Promise. This dungeon is mandatory because it is part of the main story.

Area Breakdown Edit

Aetersyl has several sub-dungeons and areas inside the dungeon. There are two dungeon tiles in this dungeon

Courtyard - "Small research nodes dot this sweeping courtyard."

Arcade - "This passage leads to the core research tower."

  • Abandoned Energy Station - "An abandoned Energy Station, left standing by its previous occupants. It appears to still be mostly functional."
  • Entrance - "The area's entrance, connecting to the World Map"
  • Grand Hall - "A large passage running through the laboratory's interior."

Enemies Found Edit

  • Assault Wolf
  • Bolt Yeti
  • Demolition Walker
  • R-Commando Assault
  • R-Commando Fencer
  • R-Commando Sniper
  • R-Commando Wall
  • Storm Turret Cannon
  • Storm Turret Leader
  • Storm Turret Medic
  • Storm Turret Vulcan
  • Tri-Stamp
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Colored Hexes Edit

  • Teal: Dropped by the R-Commando Assault, R-Commando Fencer, R-Commando Sniper and the R-Commando Wall.

Missions Edit

These are the missions that take place here.

Items Found Edit

You can find items in Aetersyl, these are the items you can find.

Grand Hall Edit

  • Escape Hex x1 - Gold Box
  • Expander Twin S-Barrel x1 - Gold Box
  • PDW-XN.V3 - Gold Box

Notes Edit

  • You encounter random battles inside Aetersyl.

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