Antourion (アントリオン Antorion) is the oldest member of the Cardinals. He seeks knowledge, especially about the phenomena that occur within Basel.


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This article contains spoilers about the plot of Resonance of Fate.

Antourion is the oldest member of the Cardinals. He is known to his fellow Cardinals as the "Enquirer for Knowledge", because he adamently searches for information pertaining to the mysteries of Basel. He is the one who sent Vashyron out to fight Rebecca years ago. Antourion is currently trying to understand the phenomena of the Sacred Signs.


Antourion is a grumpy old man. He wants to discover what the Sacred Signs mean and he's determined to find out, no matter the cost.


Antourion is an old man. His head is balding on top, with short gray hair on the sides and in the back, complete with a gray beard. He wears a black robe lined with purple trim over top a white shirt. His weapon is a large anti-tank sniper rifle, complete with a bayonet and a grenade launcher.


Antourion has several attacks. Some are variations of a dramatic standing shot with his large anti-tank sniper rifle. Another involves him attacking with the bayonet on the end of the barrel. He can also mimic the hero actions of the playable characters, jumping through the air and launching a hail of bullets on his target. One of his strongest attacks involves him pointing his gun down towards the ground when he is next to a target. He fires a grenade from his rifle into the ground, injuring the target and launching him into the air.


  • Antourion is voiced by Tom Kane in the U.S. version, and Masaharu Sato in the Japan release

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