In Resonance of Fate, there is a prologue and 16 different chapters. Each chapter provides different main missions and optional side missions for you to complete during each chapter and that chapter alone.

After completing the main missions for each chapter, you have the option to advance to the next chapter. If not all side missions are completed, you will be warned before proceeding to the next chapter. Side missions that have not been completed when advancing chapters, will be forfeit and can't be completed anymore.

Prologue Edit

The game starts off with a simple first chapter which is introducing certain mechanics of the game, like the world map, core lifts and location areas. The main mission is simple, you're told to collect a parcel from Sullivan and deliver it to Pater at Pater's Manor.

Main article: Prologue: A Star From The Heavens

Chapter 1 Edit

In the first actual chapter of the game, and in the main mission you're introduced to Cardinal Theresa who tells you to deliver a Rose to her husband's grave in Lucia. This is where you're first introduced to a dungeon, one which has several areas. It is also where you encounter the first boss of the game.

Main article: Chapter 1: The Weight Of A Life

Chapter 2 Edit

This chapter starts of with a power outage. The Hughes Power Station has gone dark, so you and your team decide to check it out to see what's going on. This is the first introduction to a single dungeon, which is entirely room based instead of having multiple areas.

Main article: Chapter 2: Blackout

Chapter 3 Edit

Chapter three is all about helping Cardinal Garigliano retrieve his Female Mannequin from deep within the Forest of Idols. It is the first of a series of missions in the Forest of Idols.

Main article: Chapter 3: A Flower

Chapter 4 Edit


Main article: Chapter 4: This Tiny World

Chapter 5 Edit


Main article: Chapter 5: Flux

Chapter 6 Edit


Main article: Chapter 6: Malady

Chapter 7 Edit


Main article: Chapter 7: The Star Vein

Chapter 8 Edit


Main article: Chapter 8: The First Date

Chapter 9 Edit


Main article: Chapter 9: The Sacred Sign

Chapter 10 Edit


Main article: Chapter 10: The Seminary

Chapter 11 Edit


Main article: Chapter 11: A Place To Lay Emotion Down

Chapter 12 Edit


Main article: Chapter 12: The Wedding

Chapter 13 Edit


Main article: Chapter 13: Christmas

Chapter 14 Edit


Main article: Chapter 14: An Old Promise

Chapter 15 Edit


Main article: Chapter 15: Power Beyond Conception

Chapter 16 Edit


Main article: Chapter 16: The Basilica

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