Tutorial - Energy Stations
Energy Stations come in two different forms, the Abandoned Energy Station and the Colored Energy Station. Both which have different features you can use.

Abandoned Energy StationEdit

"An abandoned Energy Station, left standing by its previous occupants. It appears to still be mostly functional."

An abandoned energy station is used to either save your game or rest. Resting will result in the Hero Gauge to be refilled and pass time in the overworld.

Unlike the Colored Energy Stations, it can not be dismantled or used to teleport back to your home base.

Colored Energy Station Edit

"A small self-erecting utility building stored in Energy Hex form. Suitable for a quick rest, but not especially comfortable"

A Colored Energy Station is used to either save your game, rest. or teleport back to your home base "Sweet Home". Colored Energy Stations can only be placed on Thoroughfare Hexes on the World Map. Dismantling the Energy Station is also possible, if you want to change the type of Colored Hexes in an area. This will not give you back the Energy Station, but rather destroy it.

 Colors Edit

Energy Stations come in the same colors as the Colored Hexes, and can be made from x5 Colored Energy Hexes in the Guild at either Ebel City or Cranktown

  • Normal S (Red)
  • U Shape (Yellow)
  • Y Shape (Blue)
  • Square (Violet)
  • Normal L (Green)
  • d Shape (Magenta)
  • Reverse L (Indigo)
  • I Shape (Teal)
  • b Shape (Lime)
  • Reverse S (Brown)

Note Edit

  • Using a Colored Energy Station anywhere, will allow you to place the corresponding colored hexes adjacent to it. Using the Energy Station as a bridge between small narrow areas also works, allowing you to get certain colored hexes in a greater area.

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