"Formerly a residential area for ruling-class citizens, this place has degenerated into a slum fraught with danger."

Etsia is the seventh available dungeon. It is located on Level 10 and is accessible at the start of Chapter 7: The Star Vein, once you acquire Green Energy Hexes.

Area Breakdown Edit

Etsia has several sub-dungeons and areas inside the dungeon. The dungeon tile is called Commercialized Area. "Due to recent zoning laws restricting private residences, houses in this area are hemmed in by warehouses and roadways."

  • Abandoned Energy Station - "An abandoned Energy Station, left standing by its previous occupants. It appears to still be mostly functional."
  • Entrance - "The area's entrance, connecting to the World Map"
  • C Block - "This area was formerly known as the Center Block."
  • D Block - "This area was formerly known as the Deep Block."
  • L Block - "This area was formerly known as the Left Block."
  • R Block - "This area was formerly known as the Right Block."

Enemies Found Edit

Chapter 7 - 16 Edit

  • Bazooka Dwellest
  • Chunky Gangster
  • Heat Yeti
  • Junk Mimic
  • Missile Gear
  • Torch Gremlin

Chapter 13-16 Edit

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Colored Hexes Edit

  • Teal: Dropped by the Chunky Gangster.

Missions Edit

These are the missions that take place here.

Items Found Edit

C Block Edit

  • Anti-Heat x10 - Bronze Box

D Block Edit

  • Heat Protector x1 - Gold Box

L Block Edit

  • There are no items to be found here.

R Block Edit

  • High-Mount Elite x1 - Gold Box

Notes Edit

  • You encounter random battles inside Etsia.