"A corner of Cardinal Garigliano's diocese, occupied by a staggering number of statues."

The Forest of Idols is the third available dungeon. It is located on Level 6 and is accessible once you receive the Yellow Energy Hexes from Garigliano during Chapter 3: A Flower. This dungeon is mandatory because it is part of the main story.

Area Breakdown Edit

The Forest of Idols has several sub-dungeons and areas inside the dungeon. The dungeon tile is called Forest Path. "Caution: Abandoned statues may get violent."

  • Abandoned Energy Station - "An abandoned Energy Station, left standing by its previous occupants. It appears to still be mostly functional."
  • Entrance - "The area's entrance, connecting to the World Map"
  • Bronze Forest - "An area once populated by bronze statues."
  • Open Air Studio - "Half-constructed works of art and heaps of raw materials stand in neatly ordered rows in this plein air studio."
  • Plaster Forest - "An area once populated by plaster figures."

Enemies Found Edit

Chapter 3-16 Edit

  • Caligula (Boss)
  • Mr. Bomberface
  • Mr. Chainsaw
  • Mr. Gunhead
  • Mr. Torchy
  • Mr. Zooka
  • Ms. Vulcan

Chapter 4-16 Edit

  • Blood Doll Bazooka
  • Blood Doll Bomber
  • Blood Doll Chainsaw
  • Blood Doll Flame
  • Blood Doll Omega
  • Experiment 21
  • Return of Caligula (Boss)
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Colored Hexes Edit

None of the enemies within The Forest of Idols drop any colored hexes, but they do drop ample amounts of mannequin parts as well as parts for tinkering.

Missions Edit

These are the missions that take place here.

Items Found Edit

You can find items in the Forest of Idols, these are the items you can find.

Bronze Forest Edit

  • Yellow Energy Hex x3 - Bronze Box
  • First Aid S x3 - Bronze Box

Open Air Studio Edit

  • Escape Hex x1 - Gold Box
  • Escape Hex x1 - Gold Box
  • High-Mount Sight x1 - Gold Box
  • Multi-Aid x2 - Bronze Box

Plaster Forest Edit

  • Yellow Energy Hex x3 - Bronze Box
  • Molotov Cocktail x10 - Bronze Box
  • Molotov Cocktail x10 - Bronze Box

Notes Edit

  • You encounter random battles inside The Forest of Idols.