"Once home to a large population, this city was reduced to a smoldering wreckage by intense urban warfare."

Lucia is the first available dungeon. It is located on Level 6 and is accessible after speaking to Theresa in Chapter 1: The Weight Of A Life. This dungeon is mandatory because it is part of the main story.

Area Breakdown Edit

Lucia has several sub-dungeons and areas inside the dungeon. The dungeon tile is called Residential Area. "Though once home to many people, the destruction of the area was so complete that now no shred of human inhabitance remains."

  • Abandoned Energy Station - "An abandoned Energy Station, left standing by its previous occupants. It appears to still be mostly functional."
  • Entrance - "The area's entrance, connecting to the World Map"
  • Downtown - "Though once a thriving business center, no hint of its former prosperity remains today."
  • Parkway - "As the stage for an especially fierce bout of fighting, this area has become the final resting place for countless men."

Enemies Found Edit

Chapter 1-8 Edit

  • Drum Carrier
  • Dweller
  • Fat Gangster
  • Fat Gangster MG
  • Oily Gremlin
  • Tar Man (Boss)

Chapter 9-16 Edit

  • Fullmetal Gear
  • Jalopy Golem (Boss)
  • Mask Raider
  • Mask Raider MG
  • Screw-Top
  • Tar Armor
  • Wrecking Baller
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Colored Hexes Edit

  • Red: Dropped by the Fat Gangster and Fat Gangster MG.
  • Teal: Dropped by the Mask Raider and Mask Raider MG.

 Missions Edit

These are the missions that take place here.

 Items Found Edit

You can find items in Lucia, these are the items you can find.

Downtown Edit

  • Fetid Crystal x1 - Left of the statue at the end of Downtown.
  • Escape Hex x1 - Gold Box
  • HG High Barrel - Gold Box
  • Multi-Aid R-S x1 - Behind the wall on the right side at the end of Downtown.
  • Red Energy Hex x3 - Bronze Box
  • Red Energy Hex x3 - Bronze Box
  • Violet Energy Hex x3 - Bronze Box

Parkway Edit

  • Escape Hex x1 - Gold Box
  • Multi-Aid R-EX x1 - Gold Box
  • Multi-Aid R-EX x1 - Gold Box


  • You encounter random battles inside Lucia.