After you beat the final boss at the end of chapter 16 you get the option of playing a new game plus.

A new game plus also allows you to change the difficulty level of the new game you are playing. However there are differences if you choose to play in a higher difficulty.

Clearing a game on one difficulty unlocks the next level for example clearing on normal unlocks hard and clearing hard unlocks advanced.

New Game + on same difficultyEdit

  • Retain all levels and skills
  • Retain all bezels
  • Retain all hunter points and rubies
  • Retain all tools and black/white energy hexes
  • Retain all weapons,custom parts and accessories
  • Retain all clothing including special outfits
  • Retain all other items including valuable items
  • Retain all besitiary entries
  • Retain all arena victories

New Game + on higher difficultyEdit

  • Retain black energy hexes
  • Retain the 'hi-pod' accessory
  • Retain all clothing items
  • Retain all bestiary entries

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