"This long-abandoned portion of Cardinal Pater's diocese has begun to devolve into ruins."

Patertopolis is the tenth available dungeon, it is located on Level 6 and the exterior is accessible at the start of Chapter 7: The Star Vein. The dungeon itself is accessible at the start of Chapter 8: The First Date.

Area Breakdown Edit

Patertopolis is a single dungeon that is entirely room based, which means that there are no Energy Stations placed there. In order to leave the dungeon, you have to either backtrack to the entrance or use an Escape Hex.

Enemies Found Edit

Chapter 8 Edit

  • Missile Plough
  • Poison Gremlin
  • Security Fencer
  • Security Guard
  • Security Gunman
  • Security Officer
  • Security Officer MG
  • Security Shotgun
  • Sprocket Juggernaut
  • Tri-Stamp (Boss)

Chapter 9 - 16 Edit

  • Mad Goliath
  • Mad Yeti
  • Missile Plough
  • Poison Gremlin
  • Safety Dwellest
  • Sprocket Juggernaut
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Colored Hexes Edit

  • Indigo: Dropped by the Security Fencer, Security Guard, Security Gunman and Security Shotgun.

Missions Edit

These are the missions that take place here.

Items Edit

You can find items in Patertopolis, these are the items you can find.

Notes Edit

  • You do not encounter random battles inside Patertopolis.
  • You don't have to fight most enemies, by simply going past them and into the colored zone, you can proceed.

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